ABC programmes and personalities – 3


Even more people and programmes that make up ABC at Alpha

“Love or Money”, A.B.C. Television’s current quiz programme is produced in Studio A.
Franklin Engelmann and the A.B.C.-TV. Outside Broadcast Unit introduce ‘The Other Man’s Farm’. ‘The Other Man’s Farm’ is the only farming programme in the world to be produced as a live outside broadcast. Here, Franklin Engelmann and Jim Hall interview Mr. Dixon who farms at Grange Farm, Mears Ashby, Northampton.
A.B.C. Television’s Outside Broadcast Unit is the biggest and most widely used in this country, presenting sometimes three or four different broadcasts in one day. One of the travelling camera units is here seen on the promenade at Llandudno televising an insert in ‘Holiday Town Parade’.
Many of the Sunday evening religious programmes are broadcast by A.B.C. from Aston. A recent series “The Least Read Best Seller” was introduced by Dr. William Neil (seated) and Professor Alan Richardson, both of Nottingham University. With director Ben Churchill (left) and religious programmes producer Tom Singleton, they go over the script before the broadcast.
Lights, scenery, cameras, microphones, the Geoff Love Orchestra, pianist Pepe Jaramillo, singer Janie Marden, compere Noel Harrison and studio technicians make up a composite picture of a modern television studio at work. The programme is ‘Sentimental Journey’ seen recently on A.B.C. Television.
“After Hours” — A.B.C.’s late night show was first produced in Studio D at the Alpha Studios. Benny Lee, Dick Emery, Michael Bentine and John Bentley play a light hearted skit on “African Patrol” one of A.B.C.’s filmed programmes.

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'Behind the Scenes' is a booklet produced by Alpha Television Services in 1963 to mark the enlargement of the studio site in Aston, Birmingham

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