ATV programmes and personalities – 3


Even more people and programmes that make up ATV at Alpha

One of the items for “Midland Farming” is filmed in Herefordshire. This specialist programme for the farmer has a very large non-farming following. It is introduced by Leslie Thomas, the National Farmers Union Information officer in the West Midlands, who also acts as programme adviser.
Canon Charles Crowson of Yardley, Birmingham receives the expert attention of make-up girl Felicity Leadham-Green in preparation for the opening of A.T.V.’s daily programmes. Each day begins with “A Thought For The Day” from a clergyman of one of the three main denominations and the day closes with the “Epilogue.”
Patrick Astley, A.T.V’s announcer who also contributes to “Midland Montage”. He was selected for the post from 823 applicants.
Jean Morton. A.T.V.’s popular announcer. She was the first female T.V. announcer to be appointed in the Midlands and she has taken part in other programmes such as “Rainbow Room” and “Midland News”.
Patricia Cox is seen by Midland viewers * every evening when she reads the News. She has been the Newscaster since the beginning of “Midland News”, the first regular regional T.V. news service.

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