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Joan Palmer provides ATV’s last ever announcement from the Aston studios, mentioning her predecessors, and hands over to Mike Prince in the new Paradise Centre HQ.

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3 thoughts on “The last announcement from Alpha, 1969

  1. The last announcement from Aston was made at the end of Thursday night’s programmes on 25 September 1969, according to The Birmingham Post.
    The next day’s edition reported ‘At 12.5am today, ATV bade farewell from its Aston studios, the former cinema which has been used as a TV studio since 1956. The announcer, Jill Palmer (sic) told viewers that all programmes would now be coming from ATV’s new headquarters, Paradise Centre.’
    The same newspaper, on 5 September 1969, had reported that programmes for schools would be the first to be broadcast from ATV’s new centre – starting at 11am on Monday 22 September.

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