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What does a floor manager at Alpha do? Everything!

The Floor Manager must be a diplomat, pyschologist and disciplinarian, he must be tolerant but firm and able to answer any particular query from anyone connected with a production.

Senior Floor Manager

He works in the closest co-operation with the Producer and must be able not only to carry out the Producer’s instructions but to anticipate many of his requirements.

As the Production Team itself consists of Cameras, Sound, Lighting, Property Staff, Scene Staff, Wardrobe and Make-up, it is the Floor Manager who coordinates their work so that it is carried out efficiently, quickly and quietly. Artists too come under the control of the Floor Manager for they must be shown where to work, their positions must be marked clearly and they must be cued for speech and action.

The Production Schedule for rehearsal and transmission must be strictly followed and here again a Floor Manager keeps his eye on the clock, helping the Producer to achieve everything possible without wasting time: the word which is vital to television production.

USING SIGN language the floor manager here tells an artist that he has three seconds to go before he will get his cue.

Where audiences attend or participate in a Production, the Floor Manager talks to them before transmission, emphasising that they are part of the show and encouraging them to give the atmosphere required.

With everything ready for transmission the Producer settles himself in the Control Room seeing only what his cameras show him but confident that one man will be in full control on the Studio floor — The Floor Manager!

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Robert Hope was a senior floor manager at Alpha

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