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The light blue vans of A.B.C’s Outside Broadcast Unit are a familiar sight in the Midlands. From the Leofric Hotel in Coventry, A.B.C. have presented several programmes. McDonald Hobley is seen introducing ‘Bid for Fame’ from the hotel ballroom.
Consistently the most popular play on television is produced each Sunday in A.B.C. Television’s Armchair Theatre Series. Anthony Quayle, Dorothy Tutin and Neil McCollum rehearse a scene from “The Scent of Fear” produced recently.
Saturday night at 6.30 is the time when “Boy Meets Girls”, and all over Britain popular music fans tune in to see Marty Wilde, The Vernons Girls and the cream of the recording stars in A.B.C’s popular programme. “Boy Meets Girls” is the successor to “Oh Boy!”, the explosion of beat music which gathered the most loyal band of followers any programme ever had. So popular was the series that newspapers all over the country organized special trains to bring fans to the studio to watch the programme in production. This has never happened to any other television programme either before or since.

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