This ‘Box Office’ never closes

How Alpha Television resets the studio between 'Bid for Fame' and 'Box Office'

Let’s Go… again!

Alpha's Saturday sports and features programme 'Let's Go' returns for a second series in 1960

Shows the viewers don’t see

ABC are using Alpha Studios in Birmingham for a novel idea: testing 18 pilot shows they may never make

The Audience is part of the Show

What happens when an audience doesn't laugh? Invite them back!

“Let’s Go”

Behind the scenes at Alpha's Saturday sports and entertainment strand

The last announcement from Alpha, 1969

Joan Palmer provides ATV's last ever announcement from the Alpha studios, mentioning her predecessors, and hands over to Mike Prince in ATV's new Paradise Centre HQ

John Edmunds opens ABC Midlands for the day in 1964

DX reception from Lichfield channel 8 of John Edmunds opening ABC Midlands for the day in 1964

ABC Midlands opening with Bill Steele

Bill Steele opens ABC in the Midlands for the day in the late 1960s with Perpetuum Mobile and the ABC March

The ITV system

The Independent Television Authority (ITA) was created in August 1954 to provide “for the period...

ITV’s regional pattern

London: The ITA’s transmitter at Croydon was opened on 22nd September 1955. It serves a...