Recollections of past programmes


Looking back at three recent ABC programmes

A memorable programme presented by A.B.C. Television to the entire l.T.V. network was ‘Coventry Cathedral Festival of Arts’. Here, Dr. Cuthbert Bardsley, Bishop of Coventry, films a prologue to the programme in the ruins of the old Cathedral.
Studio A was turned into a shooting gallery for ‘Can Do’ in which Lonnie Donnegan showed his prowess as a marksman. Compere John Pertwee stands by to administer first aid!
A.B.C. Television often present a drama serial to the entire I.T.V. network from Aston. Sometimes it is necessary to couple studios to house the tremendous number of sets, cameras and artistes. When this is done, actors and technicians working in separate studios are ‘cut in’ on a cue from the director in the control room linking the two studios. This technique was often adopted when presenting the serial “All Aboard” recently.

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'Behind the Scenes' is a booklet produced by Alpha Television Services in 1963 to mark the enlargement of the studio site in Aston, Birmingham

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